About Us

The Pampered Damsel is a relatively small soap making operation that I started on my own several years ago. It developed out of my desire to be creative, to enjoy my work, and of course, my love for beautiful and great smelling soap! I liked it so much that I now do it full time.

My soaps are made in small batches of only 20 bars – this means that every batch comes out looking a little different from the last, so your bar is unique! It also keeps the process fresh and enjoyable! I really love trying out new scents and colours and use only the best quality ingredients I can find. In fact: mine is REAL soap. It is not a detergent-based bar (no sodium lauryl sulphate) and so is gentler on your skin. I've also recently added a super-moisturizing body butter to the lineup. I hope you relish using my products as much as I love to make them!

Tiffany K. Carson

Moncton, New Brunswick, Canada.